Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monthly Onesie Baby Pictures

With my baby girl approaching her 2-month milestone, I realize I am already behind on my monthly baby onesie pictures that I was planning! Yikes! New Mommyhood is keeping me MUCH busier than I anticipated. So, yes, I will actually be starting this project on month two (hanging head in mock shame!). Since it is still a challenge to get out of the house for supplies, "Dr. Google" to the rescue! I just found these adorable "onesie stickers" online! I found these on Picky Sticky...and for $14.99 not a bad deal.

Basically you just pop one of these stickers onto a white onesie and start snapping away. Easy-peasy! And just what this tired Mommy easy project! Oh, but my OCD side is having a issue still with missing month  #1!

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